Hyogo Gokoku Forum Awaji Venue Held (* Ended)

Hyogo Gokoku Forum Awaji Venue
“The Origin of Hyogo and Awaji-The Incident of the Day and the Transfer to Hyogo Prefecture-“

To commemorate the opening of the Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum, we will discuss the process of uniting the five countries of Hyogo from the perspectives of each region of the five countries, and hold the “Hyogo Five Kingdoms Forum”, which will be the source of the charm of the five countries with rich individuality. increase.
The next stage from the previous Tajima is Awaji!
* The event will be postponed on September 25, 3rd year of Reiwa.

Contents of the event

After the keynote speech by Makoto Tanabe, the Honorary Director of the museum,
We will invite three panelists to hold a panel discussion with the Honorary Director.

[Keynote Lecture] “Charm of Hyogo Gokoku and Awaji”
Makoto Tanabe (Honorary Director of Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum)

[Panel Discussion] “Awaji Incident and Awaji Now”
Makoto Tanabe (Honorary Director of the Museum)
Toshio Nezu (Director, Tokushima Castle Museum, Tokushima City)
Mr. Masashi Urakami (former director of Awaji Cultural History Museum, Sumoto City)
Mr. Hiromi Tsukuda (former Sumoto City Regional Development Cooperation Corps)

* Please note that the capacity may be changed or canceled depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.

Date and time

Saturday, March 19, 4th year of Reiwa 13: 30-16: 30


Sumoto City General Welfare Hall (Yamate Kaikan) Multipurpose Hall
Address: 2-2-26 Yamate, Sumoto City (South of Sumoto City Hall. 10 minutes walk from Sumoto Bus Center)


100 people

Entry fee


How to apply

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