Hyogo Prefecture and Otemae University release “Hyogo Tsumachi Aruki Map” jointly produced

We are pleased to announce the “Hyogo Tsu” Town Walk Map, which is filled with the charms of Hyogo, including our hotel.

This is a map produced by Hyogo Prefecture in collaboration with faculty members and students of the Department of Tourism Business, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Otemae University, with the aim of promoting surrounding facilities and revitalizing the region from a student’s perspective. rice field.

This map is also very popular in our hotel, and many people use it when visiting Hyogo Tsumachi.

This time, we will also release it in a special digital version.

Why don’t you take this with you and walk around Hyogo?

* Please contact each facility for information on each facility on the map.

mapHyogo Tsu Street Walking Map Related link: Kobe Shimbun morning edition (June 3) article

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