Hyogo-no-tsu started from here, and it begins again.

Welcome to the 兵庫津 Hyogo-no-tsuMuseum

The Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo-tsu Museum consists of two buildings:
the First Prefectural Office Building, a reconstruction of the first prefectural office building, and the Hyogo Hajimari-kan, a museum facility.

The First Prefectural Office Building is a reconstruction of the Hyogo-Kanbanjo of the Osaka Town Magistrate's Office, which was used as the first prefectural office building, based on remaining drawings and other materials. In addition to experiencing the historical space of that time, visitors can also enjoy cutting-edge experience technologies such as the MR experience "Virtual Visit!" and commemorative photos with historical figures using AR.

The Hyogo Hajimari-kan will be a museum facility that conveys the history of the port Hyogo-no-tsu, which boasts more than 1,000 years of history, the origins of Hyogo Prefecture, which followed its own unique process, and the charm of the five Hyogo provinces, which are rich in change and diversity.


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