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Today, I’d like to introduce you to our staff!

The top hitter is the name ・・・・, which has appeared first on social networking sites.

Happy girl!

Festive Happy Girl for May event (Twitter)

The name “happi girl” originated from the fact that we asked people on SNS to appear in happi coats when introducing events and unveiling new uniforms, because “happi coats look good on people.
We asked these happy girls seven questions, or 7Q (Seven Questions)!

Happy girl (receptionist) 7Q

Q1. What made you decide to work at the Hyogotsu Museum?

→I am looking forward to working at this company because I can spread the charm of Hyogo Prefecture, where I am from, to many people.

Q2. What do you keep in mind in your work or daily life?

→Always have a smile on your face.

Q3. Impressive customer episode

→It is always impressive to see our customers pleased with their virtual VISIT experience.

Q4. What are your hobbies?

→Movie Watching. My favorite movie is Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar.

It is a story about a man who sets out on a journey to find a second Earth to save his family in the near future when the human race is in danger of extinction due to changes in the global environment, etc. I originally liked science fiction and the way the love between father and daughter was depicted in this movie.

Q5. Who is your favorite historical figure?

→Eiichi Shibusawa. I like his courage and energy.

Q6. What is your favorite place or recommended spot in Hyogo Prefecture?


Q7. What would you like to say to the readers of this website?

→The museum offers many attractions such as guided tours by volunteer staff, virtual experiences, quizzes in the museum, and more!

The building is beautiful and refreshing with Japanese architecture. Please come!

NEW uniform version of Happy Girl (Instagram)

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