The mayor of Amagasaki is in the camp of the former Amagasaki domain! ??

Today on the summer solstice, despite the rain, a person as bright as the sun visited the museum.

That is … Kazumi Inamura, Mayor of Amagasaki!

The first prefectural office has a deep connection with the Amagasaki domain, so after listening to the explanation enthusiastically at the entrance of the prefectural office, we had a virtual visit (MR experience).

I was surprised and enjoyed to actually touch CG.

After that, I shot from various angles with the AR of the first governor, Hirobumi Ito. He went into a temporary prison and took a picture, and despite the rain, he took a long time to tour the hall.

“I have a deep connection with Amagasaki City, so I hope we can do something together again!” At the end, he left with such a happy word and went home.

Mayor Inamura, thank you for visiting us despite the rain!

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