Currently under construction.

Hyogo Beginning Hall

In the middle of the beginning.

“When can I do it?”
The Hyogo Tsu Museum “Beginning Hyogokan” is often inquired recently.

I answered, “It will open in November .”

Although I answer with confidence every time, the building itself is wrapped in scaffolding and the net, and the actual situation is a mystery.

How good is it and how long will it be in time? I was just as worried as you were (laughs).

The appearance of the photo taken today.

Inside the scene. The round window is nice.
State before painting the wall! It may be valuable! ??


The state of the first prefectural office as seen from inside.

The other day, another staff member visited the site to confirm the exhibition space.

Many professionals gathered and made various things!

Today I would like to introduce some of these photos.

I can’t wait for the completion.

I will introduce it on this blog from time to time, so please look forward to it!

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