Golden Week event “Old Play DE Time Travel” will be held! !! (※Finished)

From May 3rd (Tuesday / Holiday) to May 5th (Thursday / Holiday), we will hold “Old Play DE Time Travel” where you can experience old-fashioned play. It’s an event that even small children can enjoy, so please come visit us!

Schedule: May 3 (Tuesday / Holiday) -May 5 (Thursday / Holiday)

Time: 10:00 to 16:00

Participation fee: Free

-story show
PictureStreet picture-story show shop (*) is coming!
Find “Ito-kun”!Find “Ito-kun” hidden in the hall!
Old play corner quoits, shooting, paper planes, etc. A corner where you can experience old-fashioned play.

* On the 5th, picture-story show master Tama-chan will come! Click here for more information about Tama-chan

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