Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum official website open!

Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum official website open!

The official website of the Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum opened today on September 1st!
Great people related to Hyogo Tsu appear on the top page, and there are plenty of playful gimmicks such as Hirobumi Ito’s beard and Kitamaebune moving up and down.
The original logo will be displayed on the “Virtual Visit!” And “Hyogo Tsumachi Aruki” pages. In the future, we plan to set up details of the experience and reservation form.
In addition, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the facility by posting explanations and photos of the highlights of each facility on the “First Prefectural Office” page.

Even after the official website is opened, we will continue to publish and update new content as the museum development progresses, as well as disseminating information about the Prefectural Hyogo Tsu Museum.

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