A group of Ohara seminars from Kobe Gakuin University

A lot of young people in the prefectural office! !!

When I asked him, he was Professor Ohara of the Faculty of Humanities, Kobe Gakuin University, and the third year students who belonged to the seminar.

In the morning, a tour of the historic sites around Hyogo Tsu was given by a commentary from a historical resource utilization expert in Hyogo Prefecture.

In the afternoon, you will come to the museum to learn about “the beginning of Hyogo prefecture”.

I think everyone was tired after visiting the historic sites, but some students listened enthusiastically and took notes.

Student taking notes


By the way, Speaking of Ohara Seminar, he also produces the video that is being released on the official YOUTUBE of the museum.

The current one is a work by 4th graders, and the teacher says, “I’m planning the next interesting thing”, so please look forward to it!

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