Facilities & Services

Museum Café

The Museum Café in the Town Official’s Office within the First Hyogo Prefectural Office offers a communication space to visitors from inside and outside the prefecture, also conveying the charms of the five districts of Hyogo through food and beverages.

Open 11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Beef Stew Set【NEW】980yen
  • coffee set / tea set 800yen
  • Hyogo-no-Tsu Museum Blend Coffee 350yen
  • Hyogo-no-Tsu Museum Blend Coffee(Soft type)350yen
  • Black tea (plain or milk) 350yen
  • hot café au lait 400yen
  • sweet half sake 350yen
  • iced coffee 400yen
  • iced tea 400yen
  • iced café au lait 450yen
  • mango juice 350yen
  • orange juice 300yen
  • *All prices include tax.

Accessibility Information

Accessibility information for the facility is as follows.

  • Wheelchair-accessible parking section available
(indicated in blue)
  • No wheelchair-accessible parking section
Not available
(indicated in gray)
Parking lot Entranceway
on the premises
(in front of the building)
Main entrance/exit Restroom Disability support Elevator Facility
for infants/children
  • Parking lot
  • Wheelchair-accessible parking section available
  • There is a flat
  • No steps/stairs
  • No ramp
  • Automatic door available
  • No opening door (manual)
  • Without sliding door (manual)
  • Western-style toilets available
  • Baby chair available
  • Diaper changing table available
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms available
  • Ostomate-accessible toilets available
  • No nursing bed
  • Blocks are available to guide the visually impaired
  • Voice guidance and audio guidance available
  • Braille information board available
  • Reception information desk available
  • Elevator available
  • Elevator for wheelchair users available
  • Elevator with Braille and audio available
  • Nursing room available
  • No play corner or nursery
  • Wheelchairs available for rent
  • Baby strollers available for rent
  • Writing boards and hearing aids available
  • AED available
  • The entrance/exit of the House of Hyogo Origins is flat, while that of the First Hyogo Prefectural Office has stairs and a ramp.
  • Accessible restrooms are located on the first floor of the House of Hyogo Origins and in the First Hyogo Prefectural Office.
  • Wheelchairs and baby carriages are available for rent (free of charge). Please inquire at the reception desk of each building.
  • Parking is available only for vehicles used by people with disabilities. Please contact the Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo-no-Tsu Museum (phone: 078-651-1868) in advance.
  • Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are allowed.

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