Mayor of Kobe visits the museum. Behind it.


Mayor? ??

It was around noon on Friday, May 20th.

While I was doing office work, I thought that the face I had seen was … for a while.

The other party was Kizo Hisamoto, the mayor of Kobe, so all the staff were surprised, “Oh!”

Anyway, I have to say hello! have become.

When I asked him why he came while he was busy,

“I couldn’t come because I only came once at the time of opening. I was wondering what was going on.

I’m on lunch break. “. Thank you for your concern!

He praised me, “It’s a good garden!”

This time, when the Hyogo Hajimekan opened, I would be grateful if you could come slowly.

Mayor Hisamoto, thank you for visiting us!

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